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the Mondriaan Foundation.

All content (c) 2017 Folke Janssen.

1979 Born in Helmond


1998 - 2000 Bachelor of Law, KUB, Tilburg
2005 - 2009 Bachelor Fine Arts, AKV St Joost, Breda


On Representation, a long-term interview project on representational models.
In collaboration with Anita Hrnic, made possible by CBK Rotterdam.


2019 Big Art for ramfoundation, Zaandam

2018 Attic61, Amsterdam
2018 Route du Nord, Rotterdam

2017 Imago Mundi, traveling Benetton collection
2017 Representational Model No.7, ramfoundation, Rotterdam

2016 The end, let's start again, Donau83, Berlin
2016 Last call, Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch
2016 Presentation @ Residency Gastatelier Louwrien Wijers, Mondriaan Fonds
2016 Pushing boundaries, expanding frontiers, ramfoundation, Rotterdam
2016 Op het Zigzag pad, Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch

2015 Hyper Hyper, Willem II, 's Hertogenbosch
2015 We Are the Guys, Kers Gallery during Unseen art fair, Amsterdam
2015 Life = Playful, Kers Gallery Amsterdam
2015 Surrounded by Sagacity, Pictura Dordrecht
2015 Uit Noodzaak, Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch
2015 Prospects & Concepts, Mondriaan Fonds @ Art Rotterdam

2014 DISASTER OF WAR, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam
2014 BredaPhoto at Amphia Ziekenhuis, Breda
2014 De Aanschouw, Rotterdam
2014 Gestures of Objects, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam

2013 Submarine Jungle
2013 Something Like This But Not This, Pictura, Dordrecht
2013 Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2012 Vos Interieur, Groningen
2012 Wild-C @ Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
2012 Wild-C @ Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2012 Autonomie +, Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg
2012 BKKC Landkunst, Kasteel de Heeze, Heeze
2012 Wild-C, Eindhoven

2011 RGB/ZRG No. 5, State X New Forms, Den Haag
2011 Album, Museumnacht, Delft
2011 RGB/ZRG No. 5, The Bookstore, Amsterdam

2010 A-Must-See, Residency Leo XIII, Tilburg
2010 MuseumN8 SMBA, Amsterdam
2010 Incubate, Tilburg
2010 Destroyed Room II, Perron 58, Tilburg
2010 Destroyed Room, Forgotten Bar, Berlijn

2009 Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, De Fabriek Eindhoven
2009 We Want Things, Tekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht
2009 Eindexamenexpositie, AKV St. Joost, Breda
2009 Showcase, KOP Breda

2008 Net3.38, De Fabriek Eindhoven

2007 Copy of a copy of a copy, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
2007 Residency, De Nederlandsche Cacao Fabriek Helmond


2018 Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling
CBK Rotterdam

2017 Imago Mundi: Gezelligheid,
Benetton Collection

2015 Platform/Platvorm, the 2nd issue,
Anna Zwartjes and Bas van Wieringen

2015 Prospects & Concepts,
Mondriaan Fund

2014 Hard to Kill,
in collaboration with Anita Hrnic

2013 Something Like This But Not This
in collaboration with Anita Hrnic

2012 Land en Kunst en Buitenplaatsen,
Landkunst 2012, BKKC

2011 Eight and a half faces of mad men
and conversations with other women
about Speidi
in collaboration with Anita Hrnic,
with an essay by Rob Van Kranenburg,
thanks to residency Leo XIII

2009 Anthropology of the artist
- graduation thesis AKV St. Joost Breda
(not available)


2017 O&O grant (research & development), CBK Rotterdam
2016 Binnenland Atelier Louwrien Wijers, Mondriaan Fonds
2015 Local talent award 2015, The Culture Trip
2013/14 Mondriaan Fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent
2011 Fonds BKVB (Mondriaan Fonds) Project grant
2009 BKKC Material Grant